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At Department of Endurance our aim is to offer exceptional support and advice to all levels of cyclists and triathletes. Our Fulham based multi-sport studio is designed to help you select the correct bike, find your optimal position, offer coaching advice and training, help with equipment selection and professionally maintain and service your bike.

We offer a fully optimised, fully dynamic bike fit using the GURU fit bike which we believe to be the most advanced and accurate technology currently available. Once we have arrived at your optimal fit co-ordinates we then apply these to your current bike or offer impartial advice on appropriate new bike solutions using the GURU database which consists of all major bike makes and models and their associated geometries.

Check out all our services on our website or call us on 0207 013 0707 to book a bike fit.


Ben Hillier(Co-Founder)

After 25 years in the financial markets I finally plucked up the courage to follow my heart instead of my wallet and do something I actually enjoy. I’ve been a keen club rider and age group triathlete for over 10 years with an unhealthy obsession for grease, oil, accurate torque settings, clean cable routing, perfect TIG welded beads and all sorts of other slightly sad preoccupations. Bike fitting became a particular fetish of mine after an annoying back injury read more →

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Pat Leahy(Co-Founder)

My mission has always been to help other's enjoy achieving their fitness related goals using a mix a sound training principles, my experience, motivation and most importantly .. cracking dodgy jokes. I've been a full time coach now for over 20 years training everyone from the unfit, chain smoking, jager swigging city boy (or girl) doing their first sportive to the competitive age group athlete qualifying and becoming AG Ironman World Champion! read more →