Bike Fitting
DoE – London Bike Fitting Studio

Fit is absolutely paramount to your enjoyment and ability to perform at your best. Bike manufacturers love to bamboozle us with their “unique carbon layup” and “vibration damping” techniques. They all tell us about “lateral stiffness and vertical compliance”. The reality is there is not a huge amount of difference between all of the big carbon bike manufacturers, and even less between their individual models. The important thing is the fit not the manufacturer’s marketing spiel.

13086863_247329198953340_697055878961137128_oDoE Bike Fitting 

Fitting is the at the heart of what we do here. The idea for DoE began over a chat about shared experiences with poor bike fits. Too often the fitter sets the rider up in a generic position dictated by a computer based on some arbitrary flexibility tests or by the fitters pre-conceived notion of how you should ride. Our bike fitting objectives are simple — we want to put you in the most powerful, aerodynamic position that your body can comfortably accommodate. [Read More]

GURU Fit System 2.0

The GURU fit system is the most advanced fitting tool available. It’s fully dynamic and the 6 inbuilt motors allow us to remotely adjust saddle height, saddle fore-aft, bar reach, bar drop, incline and decline without you having to dismount, something no other fit bike is capable of. The dynamic nature of the GURU not only saves huge amounts of time but also allows us to micro adjust without interrupting your pedal stroke allowing the rider to feel these changes and the fitter to instantly spot improvements. [Read More]

Bike Fitting Packages 
We have 3 main bike fitting options to accommodate all levels of rider. We offer 2 extensive Guru fits where we completely dial in either your road bike or your TT/tri bike position. We can then apply the results to an existing bike or a new bike. We also offer a quicker fit; our bike-finder fit which enables you to ride a wide variety of bike models from Guru’s virtual warehouse.[Bike Fit Packages]