Our fits


We have 3 main bike fitting options to accommodate all levels of riding:

Road Bike-Fit                     £200
TT/Tri Bike-Fit                    £250
Extensive fits on the GURU fitting machine where we carefully deduce your optimal position step by step.

Duration: 2 hours



bike-finder-fitting-guru-bike-fitting-fulham-londonBike Finder Fit                    £100
The Bike-Finder fit is a great way to find bikes you may be interested in and test ride their geometries. Featuring more than 100 brands and over 10,000 individual models, GURU Virtual Warehouse provides us with a wide variety of bike recommendations. The GURU will morph into the geometry of the bike you’d like to try and we will adjust saddle height and stem length to see which models fit you the best.

Duration: 60-75mins

(times may vary)

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