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Classes – FIT File Download

This is just a quick post to everyone who has started coming to the KICKR bike power classes or had any 121 bike power sessions to provide you with a link for your workout FIT files which you can then upload to Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin, etc. The Wahoo studio software will automatically email you your FIT file after each class which you can then follow the below instructions to upload. These shared folders are for other software we use like ergvideo, which will hopefully be adding an automatic upload in the future. We’ll be

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Sharpie prepares for LEJOG’s 969 miler

On Saturday afternoon I went to a friends wedding and had the chance to sit next to someone I haven’t seen in a few years. Bearing in mind the joys of social media, he turned to me and said “you have become obsessed with cycling – what’s happened? Last time I saw you, you had just bought a bike or fallen off your bike, one or the other, I can’t remember”. This comment sums up my relationship with my bike pretty well. I was persuaded to buy my first road bike prob 3 or 4

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Amelia’s Top Ironman Training Tips

6 top tips when training for an Ironman If you’re crazy enough to sign up for an Ironman, you’re crazy enough to complete it. There are a few things that I have learned along my Ironman journey that I’d like to share. Hopefully, this will help you to hear those amazing words ‘YOU ARE AN IRONMAN’.   Don’t choose an over-ambitious training programme This was a huge lesson that I learnt. I come from a rowing background, so training a couple of times a day didn’t phase me. I started off on a programme that

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Triathlon .. “Why do you keep doing it?”

The question I’m most often asked about our sport is “why do you keep doing it?” Triathlon and, in particular, long course triathlon, is put up on such a pedestal, that, to many, just completing one’s chosen event is the goal. It’s a one-off. I’m sure I’ve had that thought too: Certainly, there’s always a dark moment during the marathon leg where I swear that this is it. This is the last one. No más señor. But that thought is fleeting. It’s quickly replaced by the desire to get better; to compete rather than complete.

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DoE ‘Founder Membership’

We are very excited to announce we are just about to open our new cycling and triathlon studio … Department of Endurance! This past year we’ve been putting together a state-of-the-art bike fitting studio which will showcase the GURU dynamic fit unit (DFU). This is the worlds first and only ‘fully’ motorised bike fitting system. The GURU Fit System enables cyclists of all ages and ability levels to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their personal preferences. At our Fulham Rd based studio we will be offering a range of professional bike

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Xantusia…Here We Come!!